Online Casino Craps

A Guide for Casino Players to Play Craps Online

Rolling dice and betting on the outcome is popular in almost every country on the planet, including Australia. But the common casino game, which offers a specific set of rules by which you may wager and win, is called Craps. Understanding how to play Craps is easy, and a complete novice may understand the basic rules, place a bet, and understand the outcomes, almost immediately.

More advanced bets may be made by experienced veterans, which offer big payouts, but it is safer to stick to the passline bet for those learning how to play Craps. Firstly, the person who rolls the dice in Craps is referred to as the Shooter, but you may bet on the outcome even if you are only an onlooker. That is to say, it is not necessary you physically roll the dice in order to make bets on the outcome.

The Come-Out Roll and Instant Winning

The first roll a Shooter takes is referred to as the come-out roll. If the roll equals to a total of seven or eleven, both dice added together to make a total, it is automatically a win, for both the Shooter and all those who placed bets on this winning factor. If the roll equals a total of two, three or twelve, it is automatically a loss, for both the Shooter and all those who placed bets on this winning factor. If none of these are rolled, then the total of the dice is marked, referred to as the point, and further rolls must be taken to determine the outcome.

Hitting the Point

If a point is declared, as apposed to an instant win or loss, the Shooter must roll again and again until a conclusion is reached. Simply put, the shooter must roll their initial total a second time in order to win. However, if a seven is rolled before that initial total is matched, it is a loss. These are the most important basic rules when learning how to play Craps.
Online Casino Craps Passline Bet

The Passline Bet

Like in online roulette, as there are different wagers, a number of different bets may be made in Craps, illustrated by the betting table and its many sections. The more dangerous bets pay out incredibly well, but also have low winning odds. The passline bet, however, is the most popular, and offers high odds of winning for all those learning how to play Craps. In order to bet, simply place your wager beside the odds you want, and if the Shooter wins or loses via the rules explained above, you win. How much you may place per bet differs depending on the casino and table in question, but in all cases the payout will not be as high as the more dangerous bets.

Letting It Ride

The term let it ride, made popular by movies, means that a player may choose to let his or her bet stay on the passline after an initial win. If a second win is achieved, the winnings are doubled, and so on. This method can earn a player a large winning in a very short space of time, especially if the Shooter is on a “winning streak.” But, this may also result in the loss of a large sum of money just as quickly, so caution is advised for those learning how to play Craps.

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