A Guide To Betting Activities

Betting, along with other various wagering activities has long been a pastime for punters in New Zealand and around the world.

Betting activities have the potential for life changing winnings, making it a highly popular choice of gaming.

With the world evolving and adopting a new technological era, betting activities in New Zealand have become more accessible than ever.

Land Based vs. Online Betting

Land-based, brick and mortar institutions still hold a steady grip for seasoned veterans who find fulfilling comfort in betting activities that can be seen and instantaneously wagered on, allowing for immediate gratification.

With the consistent growth and improvement in technology, the online domain has carved its name into betting activities with services that extend far beyond any land-based establishment.

Today, the online domain provides a host of thrilling betting services including online casinos, poker rooms, sports books, horse racing, greyhound racing, bingo options and even live betting options on a variety of Betting disciplines.

New Zealand Betting Law

The Gambling Act of 2003 regulates all Betting activity in New Zealand. New Zealand is a liberal country that has a relaxed approach to Betting institutions and activities. The law allows for nearly all types of Betting within the country, allowing punters full enjoyment of a lucrative pastime.

Classified as a recreational activity, betting in New Zealand is a form of entertainment and potential winning fun. All betting activities undertaken in the country are legal and can be opted for on various betting platforms.

Tax Free Play

All winnings acquired from betting activities in New Zealand are rarely subject to tax. The government loosely defines Betting as recreation and not income, therefore allowing punters lucrative winnings, tax-free.

In other cases professional betting in New Zealand may be subject to tax. Professional betting would be classified as income and punters using betting activities to sustain an income may need to register with the government in order to do so.

The Online Action

Punters opting for online play in New Zealand will be delighted to know that making use of offshore online establishments for betting is entirely permitted in New Zealand. This allows for freedom of choice, providing punters in New Zealand with an assortment of top quality land-based and online betting domains.

Sports Betting In New Zealand

All sports betting NZ is regulated under the New Zealand Racing Board. The Racing Board established TAB in order to maximize betting activities throughout the country. TAB has around 675 outlets spread across the country with over 170.000 Account holders.

Promoting growth and propelling betting activities in New Zealand, TAB runs a tight ship and allows punters to participate in an extensive assortment of betting activities in the country.

Selecting Safe Options

With the relaxed betting culture in New Zealand punters are susceptible to potential online threats. Selecting reliable establishments that are secure and licensed can avert these potential threats.

Punters in quest of betting activities should always research the establishment in question. Reputable establishments will be licensed and regulated; a detailed account of these accreditations should always be displayed with all pertinent information easily accessible.

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