The Biggest Gamblers Globally Revealed

The world is filled with casino cities. It doesn’t matter which continent you travel to, or which country you go to, you are bound to come across a gambling hot spot. From Sun City in South Africa, to Macau in China and Las Vegas in The United States of America. Imagine we could place bets on which countries are globally the leaders in gambling.

Here are the top gambling hot spots, ranked from lowest to highest. It would of course be impossible to list the entire world. Looking at figures for the last year or so we can safely say who are high rollers and who were simply bluffing. There are however many ways in which to measure this. Keeping it simple, we are going to look at what it is that was spent on gambling in a year.

To keep it comparable we are going to average out the amounts in dollars. Germany is a great and liberal country with so many ways to entertain yourself. They have spent and amazing $5.7 billion on the gambling form of entertainment. While this is impressive, it is simply not as impressive as the Republic of Korea’s impressive $6.1 billion.

In third place we have Japan coming in at a staggering $18.6 billion. As you can see this is more than double of the fourth place. At the slot of the worlds biggest spender is the United States of America with $35.5 billion. Again, the figures have almost doubled. But the worlds capital is none other than China with an astronomical $36.5 billion.

On a Scale of Online Casinos

When it comes to online gambling it would seem that Britain holds the title for the biggest gambling market in the world. This followed the implementation of the Gambling Act that was implemented in 2014. As od 2017, Online gambling has become the biggest percentage of revenue in the entire Britain gambling sector, generating over 35% of the revenue.

Of course, these figures are not from a single online casino company. So while we are the online casino discussion point of gambling giants, let’s peruse the books to see who is the biggest online casino on a global level.  In the fifth place is Paddy Power Betfair. They bring to the table a jaw dropping $2.64 billion dollars in the last year.

Close on its heels is Scientific Games in fourth position with their overwhelming $3.36 billion. Opening the door to the third place of the world’s best money-making online casino is Bet365 with an incredible $4.03 billion dollars under it’s belt. In second place we have GVC Holdings PLC with an unthinkable $4.14 billion. But in first place is the International Games Technology PLC. They created an incredible $4.83 billion.

Where the Moneys At

From land-based casinos to online casinos. We can clearly see where the money is to be made. Globally we want to be in China, perhaps playing through the International Games Technologies and then striking it rich on their online online roulette. Afterall, someone has to be a winner.

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