Common Features in Bingo and Slots in Detail

The Common Features in Bingo and Slots in Detail

Bingo games and slots games are quite similar types of gambling games where they both require little to no skill to play and a favourable outcome for bingo slots both rely solely on chance. To win at bingo a winning pattern must occur on the bingo card and to win at slots a winning combination must land on the reels. There’s not much strategy to betting on slots or purchasing bingo tickets but both games require responsible gaming and gambling to ensure the odds of favourable outcomes are increased. The amount of both the bingo slots pay outs are generally directly influenced by both the price and number of tickets purchased for bingo games and the size of the wager in slots.

Different Types of Bingo and Slots Games

There are different types of online bingo games including the traditional 80 ball bingo, 90 ball bingo, 75 ball bingo and the 30 ball bingo games. They all generally follow the usual bingo game rules but some may have unique side games to play. Online slots games vary from the classic style fruit games with three reels and one pay line to the more modern type with five reels and various amounts of pay lines. There is also the version of online slots that offers ways to win as opposed to having a number of pay lines. Online bingo slots both offer certain games that are involved in progressive jackpots.

Bingo and Slots Themes and Bonuses

Online software developers have created both bingo slots games with many different themes. Online slots have more variety when it comes to themes and they include anything from cartoon like characters, animals, sea creatures, special holidays, films, story books and much more.

Various halls and casinos offer different levels of bonuses when either bingo slots are played. The online games themselves may also have bonus features as additional side games to offer more chances of possible wins. Slots offer bonus symbols that have particular functions to help with game play like the wilds which stand as substitutes or the scatters that win additional free spins.

Slots Themes

Game Features of Online Bingo and Slots

Game features for both online bingo slots games are available to customize game play. Online bingo games have options to customize the marker tool which marks the called out numbers, the animations and sound effects can be adjusted to be on or off, cards that are close to finishing a winning pattern can be highlighted and an auto dab feature automatically marks the called out numbers on the bingo card for the player. There is an option to have the tickets and strips, which will be purchased, automatically chosen by the computer.

Online slots games have control functions for the game features like the sound effects. Here the volume can be adjusted to better suit the player. The slots game can be set to automatically place the highest allowed wagers on all of the available pay lines with the max bet feature. The auto spin game feature can be set and adjusted to make the reels spin a predetermined number of times. This feature can set the number of continuous spins, the time delay between the spins and when to stop the spins determined by certain activities that come into play, like if a win occurs.

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