Sic Bo Details for iPhone Casino Players

Like Backgammon, Sic Bo is a casino game best suited to dice fans who can add up quickly, but it has a dedicated following nevertheless. The many types of bets on offer can be confusing to the novice, however, so free play online has given the game a welcome boost. With nothing at risk, more players are prepared to learn the intricacies of predicting what the three dice will do; so free casinos on online and mobile platforms have helped introduce thousands of new players to Sic Bo.

iPhone users, however, in common with Mac users in general, may have to search a little harder to find versions they can play. The Apple corporation has a corporate policy not to create real-money gambling apps, so most iPhone-compatible Sic Bo apps available online will be for free play only. However, there are many online and mobile casinos, both free and real-money operations, that offer versions of online Sic Bo for play directly on the device’s browser, with no download necessary. iPhone users keen to try online Sic Bo should search for these sites.

An Overview of Sic Bo Bets

Because Sic Bo has several possible bets like at, the casino will usually provide a pay table to list the specific bets on offer and the winning payouts for each. Both the bets available and the payouts can vary slightly from casino to casino, so before settling on an iPhone online Sic Bo game to play for real money, a player should check the pay table and see if any bets have better or worse pay-outs than average. Some basic bets and their usual payouts are:


Player bets that the three-dice total will be an odd or even number, and a win usually pays even money. Any triple, however, will make all Odd/Even bets lose. Some versions of online Sic Bo do not offer this bet.


Player bets that the three-dice total will be Big (10-17) or Small (4-9). If they guess correctly, player wins even money, but a triple will again cause all Big/Small bets to lose.


Player bets that one specified number will come up on two of the dice. Wins usually pay 8 to 1.


Player bets that a specific number will come up three times, so there are six possible bets in this range. A win usually pays 150 to 1. Or a player can bet that any triple will come up, which typically pays in the region of 24 to 1.

Two-Dice Combos

Player bets that two specified numbers will be among the three dice rolled; usually pays 5 to 1.


Player bets that the total of the three dice will be a specific number between 4 and 17, giving 14 bet options. Payouts vary according to the number, usually ranging from 6 to 1 up to 50 to 1.

Any Number

Players can also bet on specific numbers from 1 to 6, and win if that number is among the dice on the next roll. Players can place more than one bet on this option, and it usually pays even money for one match, 2 to 1 for two matches and 3 to 1 for predicting all three dice correctly.

These are some of the betting options players will encounter when trying out iPhone online Sic Bo; each casino will have a few quirks of its own. Players are advised to try as many free play options as possible when looking for an iPhone casino that best suits them online.

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