A Peek at The Star Casino in Sydney, Australia

The full name of this establishment is The Star Sydney, and it is located in New South Wales. It was previously known as Sydney Harbour Casino and then Star City Casino, and has had its current name since 2011. The casino is managed by The Star Entertainment Group, a major division of Tabcorp, and having such a major company share its name should give you some idea of what a flagship it is.

Playing at The Star Casino

There are 2 floors dedicated to casino games here: the general entry room on Level One and the more exclusive Sovereign Room on Level Three. The Sovereign Room is for higher rollers and also contains the Inner Sanctum, where the most expensive bets are placed.

The Sovereign Room also offers 4 private rooms and for both of these third-floor rooms you’ll need to apply for membership and be reviewed by the management team. An even more prestigious area called the Vermillion Room sits above the Sovereign, and is only accessed by invitation. However, for first-time and general visitors, the first-level game floor is also very impressive.

This main playing area is divided into 3 sections, for Table Games, Electronic Games and Poker. Table Games include traditional favourites like Blackjack, Mini Baccarat, Pai Gow, Roulette, Craps and Pontoon. There are close to 1500 Electronic Games on offer, and players can choose from Video Poker, Rapid Roulette, Slots and Bingo machines. The Poker area offers different games for cash and tournament play, as well as table service for drinks and food and a dedicated buy-in desk.

Star Winnings

The casino usually has plenty of promotions going, tied to specific games or events in Sydney and the rest of New South Wales. These change regularly, and rewards range from huge cash payouts to luxury goods.

The Absolute Rewards Loyalty Programme will also award you points every time you play, dine or stay at the casino. These Absolute Dollars, as they are called, can then be redeemed for exclusive spa treatments and many other goodies. This generous programme helps to make your entire experience feel even more luxurious.

Security at The Star Casino

The playing floors are monitored with constant camera surveillance, and all actions are logged. This helps the casino to settle any player disputes that arise and identify any cheating activities.

The video records are also very useful if matters ever need to be settled in court, and if players are even being prosecuted. The game house is always looking to improve its safety measures, and ensure that players enjoy the very best experiences possible.

Other Things to Do

There’s always plenty going on at this casino and resort, including great performances by international acts at the 2000-seat Sydney Lyric Theatre and Event Centre. You can enjoy great shopping and spa treatments too, and when you get hungry there are 7 restaurants to choose from.

The different atmospheres at The Star’s 7 bars will complete everyone’s experience. There’s plenty to discover at this destination, which is a popular favourite with travellers from all over the world.

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