The Basics of Online 3 Card Poker for Players

The term ‘poker’ is used to describe a group of card games in which the players bet against each other. The winner is the player that holds the highest ranking combination of cards. There are many different variants of poker games, one of them being the ever popular 3 card poker game. The 3 card poker game that is played in casinos throughout the world was first invented by Derek Webb in 1994 and was originally called Casino Brag.

Regular poker games can be played rather slowly so, in an attempt to create a faster paced version of poker yet still keep the essential elements of the game, came up with the idea to play a poker game with only 3 cards. There have been some changes to the game since it was first introduced to the casino world but the modern version of 3 card poker is played with one deck of cards.

When playing 3 card poker the player has an opportunity to place 2 types of bets. The first is the Ante and Play bet, which is a bet that the hand held by the player will beat that of the dealer. The second is the Pair Plus bet, in which the player bets on the cards he has in his hand, independently of what type of hand the dealer has. The player can choose to place 1 or both of these bets.

Online 3 Card Poker

The majority of online casinos have at least one 3 card poker game available for its guests to try their hand at and many of the leading casino game software companies have developed various versions of the game.

The online version of 3 card poker has the same two bets that the original version has, which essentially means that players will be able to play two games in one. They will firstly be able to place the Ante and Play bet, betting against the dealer (the computer) that they have the better hand of cards. The second game is whereby the play places the Pair Plus bet hoping that they will be dealt at least a pair, or better combination of cards. In both games the player and the dealer are both dealt 3 cards. The screen is of a card table with 3 betting circles in front of the player.

Once the player has decided which of the bets he will place (or if he wishes to place both bets) he will need to look at his cards and then decide to fold or play depending on how good his hand is. The dealer and the player’s hands will be compared and the winner will be determined by who has the better combination of cards in their hand.

3 Card Poker Hand Rankings

Like the regular version of 3 card poker, the online version of the game also has a number of winning combinations, with certain combinations ranking higher on the scale than others. These combinations include a high card, a pair, a flush, a straight, three of a kind, and the highest ranking combination, a straight flush. These combinations are similar to combinations found in other poker variants at, but in 3 card poker, the difference is that there are only 3 cards in a hand and thus the straight flush, for example, can only be three cards of the same suit in sequence.

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