Triple Bonus Spin ‘n Win Online Slot Guide

Triple Bonus Spin N Win is an online video slot from Amaya that mixes the aura of a classic land-based Vegas casino with brilliant, shiny, up-to-date 3D graphics. It makes use of familiar symbols from the golden age of mechanical three-reelers, here reinvented as a bright neon five-reel gaming cabinet lit up in rainbow hues. Music is sparse and unobtrusive, the familiar slot warbles and bells used sparingly to announce wins.

The 30 Triple Bonus Spin N Win paylines are fixed, but players can set credit denominations at 0.01, 0.05, 0.10 and 0.25. They can also bet any number between 1 and 10 credits per line, with payline prizes increasing proportionally. Pay table prizes listed below are based on a bet of 1 credit per payline.

Familiar Symbols in Paired Combinations

As a slot based purely on the thrill of the spins with no storyline, Triple Bonus Spin N Win’s biggest strength is the way it uses its symbols in simple combinations, with steeply accelerating prizes. The game also has two Scatters and two Bonus symbols over and above the Wild, so it can prove more lucrative. The lowest ranking symbols are a white diamond and a green diamond, which have matched prizes: up to 75 credits, for five of a kind.

The red diamond and single bar also win matching prizes: up to 150 credits. The Triple Bonus Spin N Win bar symbols are fashioned as shiny gold bars, distinguished by the colours of their diamond inlays and bar text. The single bar is yellow, while the blue double bars and red triple bars are also matched in value, winning up to 500 credits. A diamond-encrusted 7 and the same symbol in a bright red bar tile each win up to 1,000 credits. When the Wild, a glittering gold bell, makes combos of two or more with itself rather than substituting for symbols to complete other paylines, it wins 25, 100, 1,000 or 10,000 coins.

Two Scatters Win Instant Bet Multiples

Like some iPhone casino slots at, Triple Bonus Spin N Win has two Scatters: a gold-lit pile of silver coins and a silver-lit pile of gold coins. A mix of any three in any position wins a multiplier of the full spin bet. This is X2, X4 or X15 for three, four or five mixed Scatters, while the same three combos of identical Scatter matches win X5, X20 or X50.

Free Spins and Spin ’n Win Bonus

A bold gold-and-red Free Spin icon can appear only on Reels 1 and 5 of Triple Bonus Spin N Win. When it arrives on both simultaneously, it awards the player 3 free spins, with all prizes tripled, but it cannot be retriggered during the feature.

Triple Bonus Spin N Win gets its name from the Spin ’n Win Bonus feature, which can have up to three levels of increasing prizes. The Bonus icon is the game logo in a circular blue arrow, with a light track just like a casino Wheel of Fortune. The bonus, triggered by the Bonus symbol appearing on Reels 1, 2 and 3 on one payline, plays on the same type of Wheel, starting with two spins. Players must choose arrows to mark each winning window, and can win prizes of 25 to 100 credits on the various wheel divisions. If the red star symbol lines up on the arrow, the wheel advances to the next level of prizes and the player gets another spin. A second star unlocks the final level.

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