Spartania Slot Guide & Review for Players Online

Spartania is a very well designed 3D animated slot from BlueGem Gaming. Originally released for online desktop use, it has since been redone in HTML5 format, and is now available to play on almost every mobile device. The game is supported by iOS as well as Android, and thus can be played on most tablets and smart phones. Spartania is also a non-download game, which means that it can be played without having to go into your app store and downloading the game onto your device. It can be played simply through your web browser using a Flash platform. The game comes with a wide wagering range, which makes it a good game for players of all budgets.

This is Spartania Theme

Spartania is set in the Ancient times of Greeks and Romans and their epic battles. The graphics in the game are worthy of an animated movie, and of course all symbols do animate. The smart phone version has slightly less animation due to screen size and resolution. The game includes many sound effects from the theme, such as cracking whips, lions and tigers roaring, clashing swords and beating drums.

The game is set in a Roman arena, where gladiators would battle it out with each other and with various wild animals. The gladiators were often Greek, which is where the tying in of the Spartan theme comes in. All graphics are in cartoon style, and some symbols do look highly amusing such as the poor armoured elephant who looks very perturbed about his questionable get up. The reels are surrounded by Greek pillars, and not one inch of your screen is unadorned by detailed graphics.

Spartania Special Features

Spartania slot offers a number of special features for its players. The aforementioned expanding wild is one of them, as is a scatter symbol that launches the bonus round. Three of more of these will take you to a second screen round where a warrior lays out coins on a table. You must then choose a coin, which the warrior will turn over to reveal a prize. Keep playing until you see the word Collect, which will award a multiplier to the total points won in the bonus round. This is by far one of the most lucrative pokies games for Australian high rollers on offer these days.

The second notable feature is the Spin symbol. This appears on the centre reel and launches the Wheel of Fortune round. Any prize won during this bonus round will multiply by the number of active win lines and by the active win line bet.

Spartania Symbols

The symbols in Spartania slot are all theme based. You will find the usual Greek suspects of gold coins, coliseums’, Greek Ladies, Spartan warriors and some less likely characters such as Tigers and Armoured Elephants. All symbols animate in the desktop version, even the Spartan man who sits at a dice table blinks his eyes at you. There has been a lot of detail go into the symbols and graphics of this slot.

The game includes a number of special symbols too, the first being the Sword and Shield that is the expanding wild. This symbol will spread across an entire reel, making the whole thing wild. This symbol takes the place of all base symbols in the game across the reels that it has covered, greatly increasing your chances of a win.

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