Greyhound Racing Betting at a Glance

Greyhound racing consists of Greyhound dogs chasing a lure, a mechanical stuffed bone which is tied to a bar, around a track.  The lure makes a squeaky sound as it goes around the track and the Greyhounds are attracted to it by hearing and seeing the lure.  There are 2 types of Greyhound racing and they are track racing and coursing.

Betting on Greyhounds is all about beating the odds, i.e. the oddsmakers, and winning some money.  Greyhound racing bets can be made through sportsbooks or bookmakers and bettors place wagers on the outcome of a race.  Placing a bet is easy and bettors can either physically place a bet or they can do it online.  Some sportsbooks will also take wagers over the phone.  Sportsbooks offer a range of bets for Greyhound racing and when placing a bet it is important to select the correct type of bet.  These bets may differ in different countries, but are all basically similar.

Deciding on a Bet

The easiest bet to make is a straight bet where bettors will win if they choose the winner of a particular race.  A place wager is when bettors choose the Greyhound which will come 1st or 2nd.  A show is where the Greyhound comes either 1st, 2nd or 3rd.  An across the board bet is making a bet on the same Greyhound using a straight, place and show bet.  If the bettor chooses the winner they will win all 3 bets.

There are also a range of combination bets which will cover between 2 and 4 Greyhounds in first place in a particular order.  A quinella is a type of bet which is placed for 2 Greyhounds to finish the race in 1st or 2nd place. The perfecta is a wager on 2 Greyhounds and this bet is only won if the dogs complete the race in the exact order.

The trifecta and superfecta is a wager placed on 3 and 4 Greyhounds respectively to cross the finish line in the exact order.  A daily double is betting on the winner of the 1st and 2nd race of the day and bets must be placed before the beginning of the first race.  A parlay or accumulator is making a bet on 2 or more Greyhound races and in order to win, all of the selections that were made must win.  The pick 3 and pick 6 is choosing the winner of 3 and 6 consecutive races respectively.

Tips for Betting

Studying the form of the Greyhounds will be extremely helpful in making a well-informed bet on Greyhound racing.  The age of the dog is important as Greyhounds usually perform at their best when they are about 2 years old.  Bettors should look at the past races of their selections to see whether they have had some good races.  Looking at the traps of previous races will help bettors to see from where the Greyhound performs best.  Weather conditions of the track will affect how a Greyhound performs.  Heavier dogs tend to perform better in wet weather than lighter dogs.  Observing the dogs prior to a race will give bettors a better sense of their form, those that are more energetic will probably have a better race.

Placing bets on Greyhound racing at requires bettors to do some research into the sport and know which types of bets to make and factors to consider when placing a bet.  Having this knowledge will assist bettors in placing suitable bets with a successful outcome.

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