An Extensive Casino Guide to Playing Medusa II Slot Online

For players looking for a different style or look of online slot game, Medusa II New is worth a look. This slot game is based on the story from Ancient Greece, and so any players who enjoy history from that part of the world might find that they enjoy this Medusa II New slot. However, even if Ancient Greece isn’t really what interests you, the Medusa slot still offers a range of winning opportunities.

One of the first features that many Crown Oaks betting players will notice is the option to choose 243 different ways to win. In stark contrast to the first types of land based slot games which offered just a small number of reels and win lines, this particular online slot is based on quite a different model. Of course this will immediately sound quite attractive, but new players must remember that all slot games do require a good playing strategy in order to be successful. Of course there is always the chance that you could place a single maximum wager that ends up winning you the big prize. This does rely a great deal on luck, and so you should rather think quite carefully about how much you are willing to wager on each spin.

Medusa II New Locked Reels

The Medusa II New slots game is based to some extent on the original Medusa game. While the focus of the original game was on awarding players with free sins, this Medusa II New slot has a much bigger focus on locking the game reels. The way this part of the game works is quite simple. At times, some of the reels might lock up, and will show the exact same symbols on the reels. As you might expect, this then has the potential of creating a whole number of bigger and better winning combinations. All of this is then based on the 243 ways to win model that the slot makes use of.

There are a number of other features that form part of the online slot. The first worth mentioning are the stacked wilds that show up on the reels from time to time. You might also be able to trigger the 10 free spins bonus round. As experienced players will know, bonus rounds are a good way of accumulating extra wins without having to spend any more of your own cash.

Win Up to 2480x Your Wager

If luck is on your side, you can accumulate a lot of smaller wins in the Medusa II New slot. However, if it is one of those days when absolutely everything goes your way, then you might just find yourself winning up to 2480x your original wager. Because these figures are based on the amount you actually bet, it is a good idea to think carefully about how much you are willing to wager. Do this before each and every spin of the game reels. The game is well suited to new players who are on small budgets, as well as those who are aiming specifically at winning one of the main big jackpot prizes.

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