An Easy Guide to Enjoying Rubiks Online Slots

In 1974, trying to solve a structural engineering problem for a mechanism that had to rotate in three dimensions around a central pivot, Hungarian sculptor and professor of architecture Erno Rubik invented the Rubik’s Cube: the gadget that gives online casino game Rubiks Slot its name. He painted the six faces in contrasting colours, so that the movements of individual blocks could be tracked, and the first time he tried to unscramble it, he realised he had invented a new toy.

In 1984, the Rubik’s Cube was licensed to the Ideal Toy Corporation, and quickly became the most popular toy in the world. It sparked competitions, obsessive puzzle-solving, and even books on how to sort the six faces back into their original colours. More than 350-million have been sold worldwide, and the Rubiks Slot online casino game capitalises on that popularity with a slots version that is both simple and unique.

Just One Cube, but 18 Paylines

Rubiks Slot is also available under the title Rubiks Riches, but both games are the same. Instead of playing on five reels like most slot machines at, the slot is played on a 3X3X3 Rubik’s Cube itself, with three faces turned towards the player. There are no conventional paylines; combinations are made by any three matching colours in a straight line, horizontally or vertically.

In other words there, are six possible winning paylines on each face: three horizontal and three vertical. The three faces of the cube in Rubiks Slot thus display 18 possible three-of-a-kind combos in total. There is no line bet; players wager a total bet per spin. This can be set at a number of levels between 0.20 and 500.00 in the appropriate currency.

Bright Colours and Speedy Play

Once the wager is set, players can either trigger each spin manually or engage the Auto Play function. The six Rubiks Slot colours, red, orange, white, green, blue and yellow, are the focus, although the graphics and colours are bright, crisp and clear. Apart from a background pattern of blue cubes, the pay tables on either side of the cube are the only other adornments.

Each time a spin occurs, the cube shrinks as its colours are scrambled, and then expands back to full size with individual coloured tiles in a new configuration. Rubiks Slot than assesses any wins, which are based on the total number of three-of-a-kind colour combos made horizontally and vertically. For one complete line, the player wins 20% of the bet back, and this prize rises to 50% for two lines. Only with three lines does the player get the full bet back. Prizes rise in regular increments: eight lines wins 4X the total bet, for example, and 15 lines wins 200X.

Face Prizes, Jackpot and Bonus Round

When a spin leaves and entire cube face in the same colour, the Rubiks Slot prizes get bonus boosts. One face wins 5X the total bet, two faces in different colours win 200X and three different-coloured faces win 1,000X. All three faces the same colour creates a total of 18 matching lines, for the jackpot win of 4,000X the bet.

The word Rubiks at the top of Rubiks Slot can also light up at random. If all six letters are lit, it triggers a free spins round. The player’s peels off stickers from a cube to reveal multipliers, extra spins and even extra cubes, before the bonus game commences.

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