A Guide for New Players to Claiming a Casino Bonus Online

Australian players can earn a variety of casino bonuses, depending on the online casino in question, and which particular bonuses are offered. Taking advantage of these bonuses, and using them wisely, can often mean the difference between a successful online gambler, and one who quickly finds themselves in the red. Therefore, it is important to know which are offered by the online casino you frequent. A player may even join multiple internet casinos and earn a wide variety, as long as all the requirements are met for each.

The Types of Bonuses Offered

Commonly, a player earns a standard casino bonus by simply making an account, known as a joining bonus, or signup bonus. This is often a substantial amount of money, sometimes as much as $1,500, depending on the casino. This money may not be taken from that particular casino and used elsewhere, of course, but is an excellent way to get a positive start where playing is concerned. Similar bonuses will often be granted for making a big win, which offers incentive to keep playing, although the bonus may not always be in the form of cash. Common no-cash bonuses include a free lotto pick, a spin on a wheel of fortune, or even a free round of a particular game.

Loyalty Bonuses

Some online casinos offer casino pokies online bonuses, which are earned when the player logs into the casino at least once every day. This bonus may get bigger with each consecutive login, with a seven day super bonus, or even thirty day super bonus. Hence, as long as you make an appearance at least once a day, you are guaranteed at least some winnings. In this way a player has the potential to keep themselves in the green simply by taking advantage of loyalty bonuses, and, of course, playing wisely. Earning loyalty bonuses at multiple online casinos is a possibility.

Refer a Friend Bonus

Some online casinos offer a casino bonus if a player gets their friends to join. This bonus is granted if, when a new player signs up, they mention that it was a friend who convinced them. In this way not only can players enjoy the fun of having familiar faces at the games, but may also earn big if a larger bonus is offered for each new referral.

Top Player Bonuses

It is not uncommon for online casinos to offer a casino bonus to the top players at that particular website. This may be to the top earners, the top spenders, the players who have spent the most time at a particular table or game, and even the players who have won the biggest single hands. These bonuses are normally substantial, and statistics may be reset every month, allowing for new players to get a chance at winning. Whichever casino bonuses your favourite online gambling location offers, be sure to get familiar with them and take advantage. There is, of course, no reason for bonuses to exist other then to be taken advantage of.

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